Our Services

Executive Hand Wash

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Simple body wash, and vacuum. 


We utilize a two bucket, microfiber and lambs-wool mitt system. Our wash chemicals have been carefully selected to be safe on waxes, specifically the fine finishes we are able to provide in our studio. We take great care not to put scratches back into your paintwork, leaving a brilliantly clean surface once hand-dried. After a vacuum inside, we will wipe down the dash and windows. 


Recommended for:

Slightly Soiled or recently detailed vehicles that need a gentle bath. 

$25 Cars /Sedans

$35 Small Trucks / Small SUV  

$50 Large Trucks / Large SUV / Vans 


Hand Wash & Wax

Simple body wash, wax and vacuum.

Being the ultimate in washes, you cant go wrong with the Precision Hand Wash & Wash. We take great care in washing you vehicle to protect the beautiful  finish it has. Our hand wax will provide a protective coating against dirt and rain, as well as some UV. For added protection, ask about upgrading to an even more durable hard paste wax which we be sure to shine deeply in the sun. A through vacuum and wipe down will leave your interior feeling clean and ready for the road.  

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Recommended for:

Slightly soiled or recently detailed vehicles in need of a thorough cleaning.

$80  Cars /Sedans

$95   Small Trucks / Small SUV  

$120 Large Trucks / Large SUV / Vans 

Full Interior


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Rejuvenation of all interior surfaces.

At Precision Detailing, our team is ready for even the toughest challenge in interior restoration. Out Full Interior Detail will include:

A thorough vacuum to remove all loose dirt

Clean all surfaces & crevices using compressed air

A gentle cleaning of all delicate surfaces including video screens to provide streak free clarity

Rubber seals dressed out with a solution to prevent drying and cracking

Shampoo all carpet and upholstery

Hot water extraction on all carpet, upholstery & floor mats (upon request)
Fine brushes, soft cloths, and specially formulated cleaners used on
     Instruments & panels        Windows & sunroof       cup holders      Gauges      All knobs, switches & dials
     Vents & louvers      Mirrors      Seat belts an buckles      Steering column      Door handles      Consoles
     Glove box & compartment interiors      Head liner      Keys & fobs

Leather is treated & conditioned with PH balanced solution
Premium interior dressing applied to enrich tone of all surfaces



Recommended for:

Vehicles with a soiled interior that need a thorough removal of all dirt and stains. .

Full Exterior


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Restoration of all exterior surfaces.

The condition of the exterior of your vehicle says a lot about the value of you vehicle. The elements can take a toll on your car's finish, so caring for it is very important. Our team has the knowledge as to which processes and products are best for you paint finish and other surfaces.  The Full Exterior Detail includes the following services:

Gentle hand wash to remove grime and dirt

Hand dry

Vac and wipe down dash and console

Proper cleaning of wheels, wheel wells, and tires
Clean door jams
Clean inside fuel door
Tires and trim treated with premium exterior dressing
Polish paint to remove swirls and light scratches
Application of durable carnuba wax
Clean Windows Exterior & Interior
Clean and polish exhaust tips
Polish wheels and chrome bumpers

Recommended for:

Vehicles that need their exterior returned to near-factory condition.

The Supreme Detail

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Revitalization of you entire car.

The Precision Supreme Detail is a combination of both the Interior and Exterior Details. Only the best processes and products will be used to ensure complete customer satisfaction!  

$175 Cars /Sedans

$190  Small Trucks / Small SUV  

$215  Large Trucks / Large SUV / Vans 

The Ultimate Detail

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Revitalization of you entire car.

The Precision Ultimate Detail is everything in the Supreme Detail plus we will clean the motor, paint your fender wells to offer you the best detail in town. Only the best processes and products will be used to ensure complete customer satifaction!  

$200 Cars /Sedans

$225 Small Trucks / Small SUV  

$250 Large Trucks / Large SUV / Vans 

* A nominal fee will be added to any vehicle that is excessively dirty and/or has large quantity of dog/cat  hair.